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Covid-19 Interviewing Tips

Updated: May 8, 2020

I know you may be tired of hearing this, but the Covid-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon. If the way we will return to our office space will be a social-distancing experiment then the way we conduct interviews during COVID-19 will need to evolve as well. Virtual interviews such as ZOOM, SKYPE, and RingCentral are now the new normal. This quick Covid-19 Interviewing Tip guide can prepare you for some of the types of scenarios and questions which may arise during your next virtual interview.


* Utilize a device with a webcam so that you can access the video software.

* This can be a phone, tablet or laptop with WIFI capabilities

* Download the software and practice role playing with a friend, colleague, or someone in your profession.

*Find a quiet place with a neutral or professional background.

*Dress up as if you are in an actual face-to face interview with the hiring manager.

Research and be Prepared:

* Research the role and the organization so that you are knowledgeable about why the role is open and how you can make an impact.

* Most interviewers use a Behavioral Based Interviewing style of interview in which a candidate’s behaviors, knowledge, skills and abilities are uncovered by asking a candidate about their behaviors in workplace settings. It is based on the theory that past behavior indicates future performance.

* Prepare for behavioral-based interview questions based on the work-from-home qualifications; e.g self-motivated, organized, structured, and goal-oriented. Candidates will need to demonstrate a subject matter expertise as it relates to being able to work independently. You will need to show research and problem-solving skills and the ability to find answers on your own.

* Utilize the STAR (Situation, Task Action, Result) method to answer the questions.

Tell Your Story:

* What did you do for professional development during Covid-19?

* How did you decompress from all the bad news?

* What did you learn about yourself during this time or others?

* If the role is temporarily remote, then can you perform this job while working from home or are you willing to eventually work from an office?

Close it Out:

* Ask the Interviewer Pandemic related questions.

* How did you address the pandemic with your workforce?

* How quickly did you adapt and help others adapt to working from home?

* How did you stay connected?

* Did you virtual onboard new-hires or freeze all hiring during that time?

* What would you do differently?

* Ask for the job!

* Thank the interviewer and convey your interest in the role.

* Follow up

* Find out what the next steps are

* Connect on social media

* Send a message to touch base

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